Why build a granny flat or secondary dwelling?

There are many reasons why someone may want to build a granny flat or secondary dwelling, most commonly people build them as: 

  • An investment, so it can be rented out and earn a regular income without the additional costs of owning a separate property
  • Additional separate family accommodation, whether that be for your parents, grandparents,children maybe as a teenage retreat or extended family
  • A home office, so you can conduct business and meet clients in a space separate to the family home
  • An extension of the home in a disconnected zone whether that be a home gym, man cave or a hobby room etc increase resale value of the property overall
How many granny flats can I put on my property?
Current legislation only allows you to build one granny flat per lot.
What is the maximum size a granny flat can be?
The current maximum size is 60 sqm of living space external porches, decks and carports are not included in this size requirement.
What options do I have in designs?
We are not a kit home company so we are quite flexible. We offer a range of standard designs that can be tweaked to suit as needed, or we can completely custom design a solution for you.
Will you help me choose the colours and materials to use for my granny flat?
Yes we have a varied range of products to choose from for both the external and internal finishes. Our Design Consultant will help you to put together a colour palette that will suit your needs.
Do we have to go through council or can we use a private certifier?
If your site fulfills all the requirements for complying development then we can use the service of a private building certifier. However if there are any elements that do not comply then we will need to lodge a DA through your local council. We will look after this process no matter which service you need to use for your site.
What is included in a Dualis Dwelling?
Please view our inclusions and upgrades to see what we offer.
How much does it cost to build a granny flat?
Pricing for our granny flats can vary depending on the site requirements and size of the build. It is best to contact us to organise for one of our consultants to come out and have a chat with you and conduct a free site inspection
How long does the construction process take?
We aim to have our builds completed in 12 weeks. However, the time frame can vary on some projects depending on the weather conditions, complexity of the project, site conditions and other unexpected delays. If your project has any such delays, we will advise and keep you informed on the progress.
How much rental income can I expect from my granny flat?
Rental income can vary depending on things such as; location, style, bedroom number etc. In the Western Sydney region, rental income ranges from $300-$600.
Do your granny flats come with a guarantee?