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Are you exploring the idea of a home renovation in Sydney? Aiming for a house renovation is an excellent way to inject modernity and sophistication into your current property. Whether you’re rejuvenating a property you just inherited or one you purchased at auction, a professional renovation can add value and improve your lifestyle. At Meadan Homes, our approach to home renovations in Castle Hill is first-class and always beneficial to our customers.

Trust us for your house extension in Sydney

Planning a home renovation in Sydney requires a lot of experience and skill. Before we start, our expert team will perform a full assessment of your current property and the land surrounding it. Depending on the area you live in and the scope of work you require, planning permission may be needed. You don’t have to worry about the trickier aspects of permission or the legal aspects of the build, with our professional team–the Sydney house renovation experts.

Home renovation in Castle Hill to create the property of your dreams

From the moment you approach the Meadan Homes team, we’ll begin discussing your needs and expectations. Once you provide us with a vision for your perfect home, we’ll start balancing your goals with the reality of your current property.

Sometimes, this may mean building a home extension in Sydney. When you need additional space, an extension allows you to develop an annex for other family members, an area to rent out and generate income, or even a hobby room or gym. Whatever your ideas happen to be, we will work with you to create an experience that is smooth from start to finish.

With industry expertise and a wealth of experience in the renovation field, we can identify the feasibility of your plan, tackle legal hurdles, find the best contractors for the job, and perfect all of the final details while communicating with you at every step of the way.

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Why choose Meadan Homes for your renovation project?

Meadan Homes are renovation specialists who think outside the box. We provide real solutions and fantastic service, which will give you the reassurance to undertake your renovation with confidence.

We have access to the buying power and expert workforce of a full scale building company, which means we can arrange and complete your entire renovation project from start to finish, no matter how large or small.

No more calling around to find the right tradespeople and having to schedule everything yourself – leave it to us. We’ll have you living in and loving your renovation, quick smart.

What kinds of renovations can Meadan Homes do?

You name it, we’ve probably done it. Meadan Homes have extensive experience in all types of home renovation, from kitchens and bathrooms to full scale structural remodelling and extensions.

The Meadan Homes showroom in Castle Hill has a wide variety of finishes to view and select from, and our kitchens are built locally in our own factory, so you’ve got endless options to have something completely customised for your home.

We love a challenge so if you’ve got a renovation project you’d like to discuss, get in touch today to arrange a visit from our friendly staff.


STEP 1: Initial consultation

One of our experienced consultants will visit your home and discuss what you need from the renovation. Then they’ll help you find the best design solution to meet your needs and your budget, so you’ll know how Meadan Homes can make the most of your home’s potential to achieve your renovation dream.


We give you a fixed price on a turnkey solution for your renovation or extension. And because Meadan Homes can take on your entire project from concept to completion, you’ll have peace of mind. You don’t have to source any tradespeople or deal with any other company.


When you’ve signed our contract and paid the Deposit fee, we lodge your plans with the relevant authorities to obtain approvals.
At the same time, our showroom staff will help you select fixtures and fittings for your renovation or extension.



We provide you with a full construction plan and a step-by-step outline for your renovation project. If you plan to remain in your home during the renovation, we’ll help you to understand how the work will affect your day-to-day living.
If the work is substantial, you will need to move out for the duration of the project. And that could mean storing your belongings too.


We commence your renovation, making sure that we deliver your renovation with as little disruption as possible, especially if you remain in your home during the work.


Prior to completion of your renovation, we’ll have an independent inspection to ensure that we identify any final touches required.
Your Construction Supervisor will walk you through your renovation. They’ll talk you through everything you need to know and identify anything that might need addressing.



We do a final inspection with you to ensure that any concerns have been addressed.


Your renovation is complete and ready for you to fall in love with.

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