Choosing Between Duplex or Townhouse

Whether you’re just starting your property journey or looking to add another feather to your real estate hat, the decision can be a real noggin scratcher. Duplex or townhouse? Each has its pros and cons. With the help of Meadan Homes, we will be diving deep into both options to help you decide which one’s the ultimate Aussie dream for you.

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What’s a Duplex?

A duplex is like two homes for the price of one – kind of like getting two homes when you expected just one. It’s a single building that’s divided into two separate homes, each with its own entrance.


  1. More Privacy: You share fewer walls, so there’s less chance of hearing your neighbour’s late-night karaoke sessions.
  2. Garden Space: Duplexes often have a yard. Great for weekend BBQs or for your pet kangaroo to hop around.


  1. Price: They can be a tad more expensive than townhouses, especially in popular areas.
  2. Maintenance: With great gardens come great responsibilities. For more insights into duplex designs, check out our Duplex Design page.

What about Townhouses?

A townhouse is part of a row of homes. They share walls but have their own dedicated spaces.


  1. Community Feel: Being close to your neighbours means you can borrow a cup of sugar or have a chinwag over the fence anytime.
  2. Price: Often more affordable than a duplex, especially in city centres.


  1. Limited Outdoor Space: Smaller gardens or sometimes just a balcony.
  2. Privacy: You might occasionally hear your neighbour’s fav TV shows through the wall.

Need more info about townhouses? The Department of Housing has got you covered!

Diving Deeper: Lifestyle Choices

When deciding between a duplex and a townhouse, it’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about how you want to live your life.

Duplex: The Semi-Detached Dream

For many Aussies, owning a home with a bit of dirt around it is what dreams are made of. A duplex provides that sweet mix of a semi-detached lifestyle while still having your own patch to call your own.

  1. Family Friendly: If you’ve got little ankle-biters running around or plan to in the future, duplexes offer more space both inside and out. It’s the kind of place where your kids can play backyard cricket while you fire up the barbie with mates.
  2. Future Proofing: Because of their individual layouts, duplexes often allow for more customisation down the track. Thinking of adding a pool or a shed? A duplex might offer you that flexibility.
  3. Separate Entrances: Got in-laws or older kids? The separate entrances mean they can live close but not too close. It’s like the best of both worlds.

Townhouse: Urban and Trendy

While a duplex might sound like the duck’s nuts to some, others might find the urban allure of townhouses hard to resist.

  1. Urban Living: Townhouses are often closer to the city’s hustle and bustle, perfect for those who like to be in the thick of things. Cafes, shops, theatres – you name it. Being able to stroll to your favourite joint is pretty ace.
  2. Easy Maintenance: With limited outdoor space, you can say goodbye to spending your weekends mowing lawns. That means more time for beach trips and footy.
  3. Community Vibe: Sharing walls might mean you’re closer to your neighbours, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can lead to a great sense of community. Imagine neighbourhood gatherings, where everyone knows your name and stops by for a yarn.

Location, Location, Location

The choice between a duplex and a townhouse also comes down to location. Townhouses are generally more common in inner-city areas, where space is at a premium. In contrast, duplexes can often be found in the suburbs, where there’s a bit more space to spread out. Want to be near the city or suburbs? Check the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications for public transport details.

Investment Perspective

From an investment standpoint, both options have their perks.

  1. Duplex: Potential for dual rental income if both sides are rented out. A chance to live in one unit and rent out the other, helping offset mortgage costs.
  2. Townhouse: Typically, a lower entry price means you can step into the property market sooner. Being in urban areas can lead to higher demand and potentially better rental returns.

Environmental Considerations

In today’s world, more and more Aussies are looking at the environmental impact of their choices. And homes are no exception.

  1. Duplex: With a yard, there’s potential for gardening, composting, and even setting up solar panels. Your own little sustainable haven. Duplex designs today are often focused on sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient features.
  2. Townhouse: Limited space means there’s less to heat or cool, reducing energy use.

Being closer to city centres often means better public transport links, reducing the need for cars.


Whether it’s a duplex or townhouse, the road to finding your dream home can be bumpy. But with professionals like Meadan Homes by your side, it gets a whole lot smoother. Ready to make a move? Get in touch with our experts and let’s make your dream a reality. From design insights to building practices, we know-how to turn your property dreams into reality. No matter the path you choose, remember that a house is just a building-it’s the memories you create and the life you build that truly make it a home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A duplex is a single building split into two homes, while a townhouse is part of a row of attached homes.

Duplexes might have more outdoor space to maintain, but townhouses might have strata fees.

Duplexes typically offer more privacy than townhouses.

It depends on the area and market demand. Both can be solid investments.

Duplex usually means more individual responsibility, whereas townhouse maintenance is often shared.

Both can be energy-efficient, but duplexes often have fewer shared walls, which can provide better insulation.

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