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All Meadan single storey homes can be customised to suit your individual needs. You can even mix and match our designs to create your perfect home.

Enjoy Complimentary Customisation Of Our Designs​

1. Choose a Home Design

Choose your favourite Meadan home design. Or it can even be a combination of homes, such as the top of one and the bottom of another. We want to make sure the house design is the perfect fit, so we’ll make as many changes as your need, for FREE!

2. Customise it To Suit

We’ll work with you to modify the home to make sure it perfectly complements your land, family and lifestyle. We’ll work with you to account for land orientation, levels and other items affecting your site like easements and existing trees. The goal: the perfect home for your space!

3. We’ll Provide A Quote

When you’re happy with the design of your dream home, we’ll prepare and present your free tender quotation. 

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Type of Design
Lot Width
Lot Width: 8 m37 m
Lot Depth
Lot Depth: 17 m45 m
House Size
House Size: 144 m463 m

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