2023 House Design Trends

In 2023, we’re seeing a distinctive shift in house design trends. A symbiosis of function, aesthetics, and sustainability is shaping the Australian home landscape. This guide by Meadan Homes will help you explore these emerging trends, offering inspiration and insights for those looking to build or renovate. We’ll delve into what’s hot in terms of materials, design styles, and technology, as well as sharing some exciting statistics.

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1. Embracing Eco-Friendly Materials and Technologies

Homeowners and builders are focusing more on environmental sustainability than ever before. A tidal wave of support for eco-friendly building materials is sweeping through the construction industry this year. We’re noticing an accelerated preference for materials like recycled steel, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. These sustainable choices align with a growing environmental consciousness among Australians, evidenced by a recent report indicating that 62% of Aussies now place environmental sustainability at the heart of their home design decisions. In the same vein, the integration of green technology within our homes is gaining momentum. Utilising solar panels for energy production and installing energy-efficient appliances are becoming more than just trends – they’re steadily forming the new norm for residential living.

2. Open-Plan Living – A Continuing Favourite

Open-plan living has been a staple of Australian house design for years, and 2023 is no different. It offers versatility, promotes social interaction, and allows for an abundance of natural light. A staggering 78% of new homes in Australia feature open-plan designs according to recent studies.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Flow

We’re seeing a rise in designs that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Think large bi-fold doors, alfresco dining areas, and indoor plants becoming a fundamental part of the interior décor. The aim is to bring nature in and take living out, creating a seamless transition that expands the home’s usable space.

4. Smart Homes and Automation

The smart home trend continues to influence Australian home designs. Smart home systems that integrate security, lighting, heating, and other functions into one controllable interface are increasingly popular. By 2023, it’s estimated that over 30% of homes in Australia will be ‘smart’ homes.

5. Emphasis on Home Offices

With the rise of remote work, having a functional, well-designed home office has become more important than ever. This trend emphasises comfort, quiet, and productivity-enhancing elements.

6. Statement Pieces

This year, home designs are daring and bold with statement pieces becoming a focal point. This could be a unique piece of furniture, an artwork, or a standout architectural feature. The Australian Interior Design Awards 2023 saw a rise in homes displaying striking statement pieces that ooze character and personal style.

7. Multi-Functional Spaces

Another response to our evolving lifestyle is the emergence of multi-functional spaces. Rooms that can adapt and change according to needs are in demand. Think of a spare bedroom that doubles as a home gym, or a kitchen that can transform into a socialising space when needed.

8. Textured Finishes

In 2023, we’re moving away from sleek, glossy finishes and embracing texture. This can be seen in the preference for natural stone benchtops, textured tiles, and handmade brickwork. It’s about creating a sense of depth and visual interest in the space.

9. Natural Light and Expansive Windows

One of the most influential design trends we’re seeing in 2023 is an emphasis on natural light. This is achieved through the use of larger, expansive windows and skylights. Not only does this brighten the space, but it also brings a bit of the outdoors in, creating a more serene and open environment.

10. Earthy Colour Schemes

2023 is the year of earthy colour palettes. Subdued tones, like olive green, burnt orange, and muted blues, are making a strong presence in Australian home design. These colours, paired with natural materials, create a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for any home.

11. Minimalist Luxury

The desire for a more streamlined and uncluttered look has led to the rise of minimalist luxury. This trend is about using high-quality materials and keeping design elements to a minimum. It’s not about being stark or cold, but creating a sense of understated elegance and timeless design.

12. Flexible and Adaptable Design

Lastly, we see the rise of flexible and adaptable designs that cater to our changing needs. This could be movable walls or adjustable layouts that can evolve as your family grows or your needs change. It’s all about future-proofing your home.

13. Growth of Prefabricated Homes

An intriguing trend emerging in 2023 is the growth of prefabricated or ‘prefab’ homes. Prefabrication refers to the practice of assembling parts of a structure in a manufacturing site and then transporting them to the location of the build. According to Property Observer, the prefab housing sector is projected to reach $25 billion by the end of 2023 in Australia. The reasons behind this surge include faster build times, less waste, and greater cost-effectiveness.


From sustainable materials to intelligent automation, the 2023 house design trends are all about creating homes that are comfortable, beautiful, and eco-friendly. If you’re considering a new build or renovation, make sure to take these trends into account for a future-proof home. The house design trends of 2023 showcase an exciting blend of style, function, and sustainability. As we journey together through these transformative times, keeping these trends front and centre is pivotal. Whether you’re laying the first brick for your new dream home or infusing a breath of fresh air into your current residence with a renovation, these trends hold the keys to crafting spaces that align with the future of design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eco-friendly materials, open-plan living, indoor-outdoor flow, smart homes, and home offices are key trends in 2023.

Yes, sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled steel, and reclaimed wood are gaining popularity in home designs.

By 2023, over 30% of homes in Australia are expected to integrate smart home technology.

Prioritise comfort, quiet, and productivity-enhancing elements when designing a home office. Check out our blog for more tips.

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