What is DA approval?

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What is DA Approval?

Development Application Approval is a legal document issued by the Council in your Local Government Area allowing you to undertake building work or other development on your property. In order to receive Development Approval, a formal application known as Development Application or ‘DA’, is submitted to the Council seeking permission to carry out development, such as constructing a new home or making alterations and additions to an existing dwelling.

In this blog, we give you the lowdown on development applications and discuss what’s involved in a development application process so your building process, is stress free.

Do I need to make a Development Application?

Two kinds of development consent may be issued for residential developments in New South Wales:

  • Complying Development Consent; or
  • Development Application Approval.

You can apply for Complying Development Consent if your development proposal meets certain strict parameters outlined by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning & Environment in their State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. The Complying Development process provides fast-tracked planning and construction approvals and can apply to house builds, but tends to be used for proposals that are very simple and low risk – such as swimming pools or garden sheds.

Development Applications take slightly longer, but allow your local Council to conduct a merit-based assessment of your proposed development – regardless of its complexity — to ensure it complies with NSW State legislation, local planning controls and any relevant building and development codes. Once you have received Development Approval, you are eligible to apply for a Construction Certificate so building can begin.

What do I need to include with my Development Application?

Pre-lodgement is one of the most important phases of the Development Application process. Meadan Homes is well equipped to assist you with preparing all the required documentation, regardless of whether you choose to use one of our existing plans, customise our plans to suit your site, or work with our architectural team to create a bespoke design.

Your Development Application will include documents and application forms specific to your local Council, together with architectural plans, stormwater and civil works plans, a cost estimate for the project and reports from various consultants. Depending on your local Council’s particular requirements and the planning policies that apply to your property, you may have to submit additional information, such as a Statement of Environmental Effects, a Bushfire Risk Assessment Report, a Heritage Impact Statement, or a Geotechnical Report.

What happens once I have lodged my Development Application?

Once you have lodged your Development Application, the Council will make an assessment ensuring your proposal complies with NSW State legislation, local planning controls and any relevant building and development codes. Once this stage is completed, the Council will then determine your application advise whether you have Development Approval.

There are three main possible outcomes at this point of the DA approval process:

  1. Development Consent, or DA Approval, is granted. Sometimes consent is given with the proviso that you comply with certain conditions (such as planting native trees on your block, or maintaining access to stormwater drains). If these conditions are adhered to, the development can proceed.
  2. Development Consent is refused, If this happens, the Council provides a report outlining the reasons why they have not approved the proposed development.
  3. Deferred Commencement Consent is granted, meaning certain issues identified by Council during their assessment process must be resolved prior to DA Approval being granted and the proposed development proceeding.

We’re here to help!

No matter what, Meadan Homes is here to help you through every phase of the DA approval process. With our extensive building experience, long-standing relationships with consultants and knowledge of local council assessment procedures, we aim to make getting your Development Application Approval as seamless and stress-free as possible. Visit our website for more! While you’re there, check out our latest designs and start dreaming about your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Council will approve my DA?

You won’t know until the DA process has proceeded to the determination stage. That said, Meadan Homes can help you prepare for the process to give you the greatest chance of successfully receiving DA approval.

Where can I get more information about the application process and DA approval?

Contact Meadan Homes on 1300 780 623 for specific information regarding your proposed development, or check out Planning NSW’s DA Best Practice Guide for Homeowners.

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